Reactivating Talent

A new kind of music label

Octavate reactivates undervalued talent through a proprietary information retrieval and artist development system that synthesizes finance, relationships, and data.


Octavate’s data-driven strategy


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At any given moment, there are thousands of artists each with millions of dollars in earnings potential that major labels have either dropped or shelved
  • Although major labels and their subsidiaries are very effective at attracting talent, they often abandon artists before giving them more than one chance to succeed
  • Streaming has transformed the music industry and the role of artist development


Data Architecture
  • Octavate has developed a technology that tracks not just all of these artists but the performance of each of their songs over time, based on various indicators and ratios, as well as team members, social media mentions, news articles, song metadata, collaborators, and biographical information





Research and Development
  • Using this information, Octavate is able to map complex social dynamics that would otherwise be difficult to visualize, thus making it easier to extrapolate hidden insights
  • Moreover, modeling the relationships between artists, executives, influencers, and their followings will help the company reduce marketing costs and understand how to maximize the long-term viral growth of an artist or song
  • This area of research, which Octavate calls machine-assisted artist development, has applications in other industries


Phase 1
The focus of Phase 1 is to automate tedious tasks and build out the technology to include additional data sources. The company will also use this time to deepen its relationships with individual artists and their teams

Phase 2
The focus of Phase 2 will be to transition to a production company and label, with an active portfolio of talent and eye towards profitability. The company will focus on its artists and seek to obtain key business development relationships. Our data-focused strategy provides a hedge against downside tail risk.